Kellokoski Hospital

Vanha Valtatie 198
FI-04500 Kellokoski

Exchange: 09 27161
Fax: 09 2716 3461

E-mail addresses:

Information desk and porters
Building 1, entrance A
tel. 09 2716 3222
Porters are available 24 hours a day.

Visiting hours vary ward-specifically.

The Department of Psychiatry of the Hyvinkää hospital area provides specialised medical care in the Kellokoski Hospital and outpatient care units in the area.

The unit’s task is to improve the health status, functional capacity and quality of life of patients suffering from psychiatric disorders, and to reduce suffering and disadvantages related to psychiatric diseases.

The department is in charge of arranging regional mental health services and coordinating mental health work for the population in the area.  As a HUS-level task, the department treats forensic psychiatric patients and patients who are difficult to treat, rehabilitates schizophrenia patients and treats children and adolescents with difficult symptoms.

The department also conducts active national and international research.