Rehabilitation for sleep apnoea patients

​Kela organizes rehabilitation courses for sleep apnoea patients until the end of 2016. More information is available at Kela’s website. You can also call Kela’s rehabilitation services tel. 020 692 205 for more information on the courses and available places. To apply for a course, you need a medical certification B or a rehabilitation plan and an application for rehabilitation. You can get the medical certification from your occupational health care or you can contact your sleep apnoea nurse.

Weight management and sleep apnoea

Weight management is an essential part of treating sleep apnoea and exercise is an integral part of it.
Sleep apnoea patients can get a swimming pool card for special groups. It is cheaper than the regular pool fees. Check your hometown’s contact information from these links: Espoo / Kirkkonummi / Kauniainen. Your sleep apnoea nurse gives you the required certificate. You do not have to be in CPAP treatment to get the card.
Help for weight management: (in Finnish)