Cardiology Ward S7

Visiting address:
Jorvi Hospital
Cardiology Ward S7
Turuntie 150, Espoo

Postal address:
PO BOX 800, 00029 HUS

Contact information
Telephone: Office, ward secretaries, 09 471 82371
Fax: 09 471 85922
Nursing staff: 09 471 82370
Head nurse: Sirpa Valtanen, 09 471 82372, 050 428 4303
Physician in charge of the ward: Johan Lassus, 050 428 4708
Ward secretary: 09 471 82371

Visiting hours: Free/as agreed

Unit specialties: Cardiology, general internal medicine

Ward S7 is a cardiology ward with 22 beds. The ward has telemetry and monitor control available for patients, and it provides emergency care. In the main, reasons for admittance include various arrhythmias, cardiac insufficiency, or infarction. Treatment of patients coming in for a contrast study of the coronary arteries and balloon dilation is centralised in the ward.