Maternity Ward N6B, Family Nest

Street address
Jorvi Hospital
Turuntie 150, Espoo

Mailing address
P. O. Box 800, 00029 HUS

Contact information
Office: 09 471 82170
Fax: 09 471 85969
Ward secretary: 09 471 82174

The Family Nest is a maternity ward which combines the opportunity to enjoy those first moments in a family room with individually tailored guidance and the possibility of a quick return home.

The family nest is suitable for healthy mothers who have had a problem-free pregnancy and birth. To be eligible, the baby must be full-term (at least 37 full weeks of pregnancy) and must not require special monitoring. The final decision on the suitability of the Family Nest for you will be made after the birth. You cannot reserve a room at the Family Nest in advance.

The parents must be able to care for their newborn themselves, with the support of the nursing staff.

First-time mothers can stay in the Family Nest for two nights and mothers who have given birth before can stay for one night. The Family Nest has four family rooms where the spouse or other support person may also spend the night. The Family Nest has one bed for children available for borrowing if the baby's sibling also spends the night in the room.

Additionally, neonatal outpatient clinic visits take place at the ward after discharge.
The ward is committed to the WHO and Unicef’s Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative.
The ward has open visiting hours. The ward doors are closed between 8.00 pm–7.00 am.
Visiting the ward during influenza and RSV season
Visiting the inpatient ward will be limited during the flu season to provide safety for our patients and prevent the spread of infections. Only two people are allowed to visit a patient at a time. Please consult the staff if you wish to bring the patient’s siblings for a visit.

Please do not to not visit the ward if you are ill. For infection prevention, we recommend that you mainly stay in your patient room at the ward during the flu season. The staff can give you further information about visiting.

Note! Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic visits are not allowed.​