Hyvinkää Emergency Medicine

Hyvinkää Emergency Medicine is responsible for the paramedic services in the Hyvinkää Hospital Area, and for organizing the 24/7 joint emergency services. CCU and ICU are also part of Hyvinkää Emergency Medicine.

Paramedic services, or EMS, in the Hyvinkää Hospital Area are also a part of Hyvinkää Emergency Medicine. The EMS unit is in charge of organizing paramedic operations. The services are partially implemented by ourselves, and partially together with the rescue department and with a private contracting party. The physician in charge of EMS and the EMS manager lead the EMS unit together.

Paramedic services provide urgent care to an injured patient, or to a patient who has suddenly fallen ill, and if necessary, transport the patient to a treatment unit. Paramedics evaluate if the patient needs to visit the emergency clinic and if the patient needs to be transported in an ambulance
Hyvinkää Emergency Medicine offers services 24/7. If the situation does not require immediate care, the nurse receiving you may instruct you to an appointment with your local physician, or give you instructions for treatment at home. When arriving to the emergency clinic, all patients are first evaluated by a nurse. The patients are directed to a suitable line of treatment according to this evaluation.

Specialized health care
Based on the evaluation and pre-examination made by the nurse, patients who require specialized health care are directed there, as are emergency patients.
General practice
Patients who do not require specialized health care are directed to the general practitioners. Some patients can be quickly treated at a nurse’s appointment at emergency clinics. The nurses are specifically trained for this and are always able to consult a doctor. The emergency clinic’s nurse has appointment hours every day 7:30–21:00. During the summer, the nurse has appointment hours every day 8:00–16:00. The patient fee on weekdays between 8:00 and 20:00 is EUR 16.40 per visit, and in other times the fee is EUR 32.70 per visit. As stated in the Decree on Social and Health Care Client Fees, visits are free for patients under the age of 18.
Pediatric emergencies
The pediatric emergency department takes care of children who need specialized health care. However, children who need surgical care are treated in the surgery emergency department.

Gynecology and obstetrics >>

The emergency department for gynecology and obstetrics is located on the 2nd floor in the gynecology unit.


Coronary Care Unit CCU >>

The Coronary Care Unit is part of Hyvinkää Emergency Medicine. The CCU treats patients with acute cardiac illnesses, for example myocardial infarction, cardiac insufficiency, arrhythmia, or pulmonary oedema. The CCU treats patients whose condition requires monitoring of important vital functions, ventilation and/or circulation support, and constant observation. The patients are admitted to the CCU from the emergency clinic, from the hospital wards, or from other hospitals.
Intensive Care Unit ICU >>
The Intensive Care Unit is part of Hyvinkää Emergency Medicine. The Intensive Care Unit treats adult patients from all specialities in our hospital. The patients admitted to the ICU have serious but passing disturbances in their vital functions due to illnesses, accidents, or surgery. The patients in the ICU require a lot of contribution from both the doctors and the nurses, and treatment methods and devices designed especially for intensive care. Patients are admitted to the ICU from the emergency clinic, from operating rooms, or from other hospital wards. Also, some patients are transferred to us for further care from other hospitals. The patient's comprehensive care requires a professional and multidisciplinary staff. The Head of ICU is in charge of implementing care during office hours, in collaboration with doctors from other specialties. Outside office hours, an anesthetist specialized in intensive care is in charge.