Surgical Inpatient Ward 4 B

The Surgical Inpatient Ward 4 B treats patients in need of orthopedic (skeletal and supportive tissue surgery), traumatological (examination and surgical treatment of injuries), and plastic surgery (reconstructive surgery) care. Patients arrive to the ward via emergency services, via the LEIKO unit (to surgery from home), or from other care units with a doctor's referral.

The most common procedures in orthopedics and traumatology are, for example, arthroscopic joint surgery, endoprosthesis surgery, surgery to repair fractures, reconstructive surgery due to illness, and surgery for illnesses or injuries in the spinal region. Various splints and assistive devices are used to support the patient's treatment. In addition to orthopedic and traumatology patients, the ward also treats patients who require plastic surgery, chronic wound treatment, reconstructive plastic surgery following cancer surgery, and emergency patients in need of plastic surgery.

The ward employs specialists in plastic surgery, doctors specializing in surgery, registered nurses, and practical nurses. The staff has special expertise e.g. in treatment of patients with endoprostheses, injuries, breast cancer, and various wound care methods. The Surgical Inpatient Ward 4B holds 34 hospital beds and the average ward stay lasts 3,2 days. Patient rooms are located along two corridors and the corridors are called cells.

Visiting hours at the ward are 1:00pm–7:00pm.

Contact information:
Nurse Manager Pia Malin
Acting Deputy Nurse Manager Tarja Tulla
Chief Physician Kenth Henriksen
Chief Physician Heli Kavola
Chief of Ward Group Marika Hämäläinen
Director of Department Terhi Martikainen


Cell 3 (orthopedics/traumatology) tel. 050 4275383
Cell 4 (plastic surgery/traumatology) tel. 050 4275253


Cell 3, tel. 019 4587 2480 and Cell 4, tel. 019-4587 2391, available on weekdays 7:00am–7:00pm and on weekends between 7:45am and 3:45pm.
Fax 019 4587 2564