Internal medicine ward 3 A

The internal medicine ward 3 A provides 24-hour care for patients in the specialties of internal medicine, cardiology, hematology, endocrinology, and nephrology. The ward also treats patients requiring isolation. The ward carries out, for example, telemetry monitoring for examining and monitoring arrhythmia in patients. Patients arrive to the ward from emergency services, outpatient clinics, and other hospitals and care institutions with a doctor's referral.

The ward employs specialists in internal medicine and cardiology, doctors specializing in internal medicine, registered nurses, and practical nurses. The staff has special expertise in the treatment of arrhythmia patients and patients with diabetes. Ward 3 A holds 32 hospital beds and the average ward stay lasts 6.21 days. Patient rooms are located along two corridors, divided into two cells.

Visiting hours at the ward are 1:00pm–7:00pm.

Contact Information:

Nurse manager Anita Hursti
Deputy Nurse Manager Katri Räväsmäki-Nikula
Chief Physician Marjo Vuorela
Chief of Ward Group Marika Hämäläinen
Director of Department Jyrki Lilleberg


Cell 1, tel. 050 427 3750 or 040 487 3406
Cell 2, tel. 050 275448 or 0404873406
Cardiac nurse 019 458 74210


019 458 72381, 019 458 72431 on weekdays 7:00am–7:00pm and
on weekends 7:45am–3:45pm 
Fax number: 019 458 72429