Social work

Hyvinkää Hospital
Sairaalankatu 1
FI-05850 Hyvinkää

Exchange: 019 4587 1

Kari Hurskainen, Chief of Division, chief physician

Contact details of the social workers:
Unit’s person in charge: Sanna Riihelä-palmu, Line Manager, social worker in charge
tel. 050 4275 275

Social worker
Internal medicine, pulmonary disease and oncology outpatient clinic, otorhinolaryngology
tel. 050 4275 126

Social worker
Neurology and rehabilitation ward, neurology and physiatry outpatient clinics
tel. 050 4275 279

Social worker
Surgical ward, surgical outpatient clinic, day surgery, outpatient pain clinic, general medicine, surgical emergency clinic and intermediate care (adults)
tel. 050 4276 554

Social worker
Internal medicine and pulmonary disease ward, dialysis, nephrology, general medicine, internal medicine emergency clinic and intermediate care (adults)
tel. 050 4273 080

Social worker
Pediatric ward and pediatric outpatient clinic, intermediate care and emergency clinic (under 18s) gynaecology and obstetrics ward and outpatient clinics,
tel. 050 4277 577
Social worker
Pediatric neurology outpatient clinic and day centre
tel. 050 4275 275

Social worker
Child psychiatry outpatient clinic and day ward
tel. 050 4276 321

The social work unit includes seven social workers who provide social work services to all specialities of the hospital. Each ward and outpatient clinic has its own named social worker who can be reached during office hours on weekdays. Either the patients themselves, family members or the nursing staff caring for the patient can contact the social worker.