Occupational therapy

Hyvinkää Hospital
Sairaalankatu 1
FI-05850 Hyvinkää

Exchange: 019 4587 1
Fax: 019 4587 2619

Adult occupational therapy services
Occupational therapist in charge, Leena Hirvonen,
tel. 019 4587 4062, phone hours Mon – Fri 12.00 to 12.30 p.m.
Occupational therapy for surgical and pain patients and physiatry outpatient clinic

Neurological occupational therapy tel. 019 4587 4756
Internal medicine occupational therapy tel. 019 4587 4735
Pediatric occupational therapy services tel. 019 4587 2579
Craft counsellor  tel. 019 4587 4741

Chief of Division, chief physician Kari Hurskainen
Rehabilitation Line Manager:  Sirpa Palamaa tel. 0400 64 99 36

Occupational therapists focus on assessing the patients' working and functional capacity, ability to take care of themselves and function of the hands. On the pediatric side, the examination performed by an occupational therapist aims to clarify the development of the child in relation to his or her age, how the child copes with play and other everyday situations. In addition, tasks include the mapping of medical appliance needs and the manufacture of individual hand orthoses.

The services are available based on a referral from a physician at Hyvinkää Hospital.