How to become a patient at the Eye Tumour Outpatient Clinic

silmakasvainpkl_internet2.jpgAfter your doctor has made an urgent referral to the Eye Tumour Outpatient Clinic for further examinations, an ophthalmologist at HUH will determine the urgency of your referral and based on this evaluation you will get an appointment. We will send you an invitation to the appointment by letter, but if the situation is urgent we will also telephone you.
Attached in the invitation letter you will find a map to help you locate us. There is more information about our location and transport related to your arrival on the Eye and Ear Hospital’s webpage. The appointment time is the registration time. Please register in the entrance lobby of the Department of Eye Diseases on the 1st floor (please take a number) so we can check your information and direct you to the appointment. On a re-visit you can also register with self-registration kiosk. You might have to wait for your appointment.
On the first visit both eyes are examined and for this the pupils are usually dilated with eye drops, so you cannot drive a car after the examination. To confirm your diagnosis an ultrasound is made, and often other imagings as well: tomographies with an OCT camera, and fundus photography with a fundus camera and/or a wide angle lens. After the imagings you will have the ultrasound taken and your fundi examined. 
The first visit is always an examination visit because the doctor will plan the treatment together with the patient according to the information gathered from the examinations. The treatment plan could be for example a follow-up at the clinic. If the diagnosis is a malign melanoma that needs treatment, the treatment will be tailored to the patient and it requires preparations. The patient will be invited to the treatment to the Vitreoretinal Surgery Unit S7 once the day of the treatment is confirmed.