Swallowing disorders

​Swallowing examinations are performed at Phoniatric Outpatient Clinic if the reason behind the difficulty to swallow is located in the mouth or the throat. The examinations take place at the Gastroenterology Outpatient Clinic if the suspected reason for swallowing disorder is located in the esophagus.

The patient will be sitting down during the swallowing examination. A thin, pliable endoscope, lubricated with gel, will be carefully inserted via the patient’s nostril. The nasal passage can be anesthetized if necessary. The examination is performed to see how the patient swallows liquids and solid foods. Often a speech therapist is also present and they provide the patient with swallowing instructions during the examination.

You do not need to be without food or drink prior to the examination, and you should take your medication as usual. The throat may feel numb after the examination, which is why it is best to wait 30–60 minutes before eating or drinking. This examination does not cause incapacity for work and you will be discharged once it is over.