Voice dysfunctions

Voice dysfunction means that the voice function does not meet the needs of the speaker. You may think that your voice is disturbingly hoarse, rough, or tires easily. The dysfunctions may relate to work, hobbies, or social life.

Sometimes there can be an organic dysfunction but more often the reason is functional: voice techniques are not up to the speaking tasks. Sometimes the dysfunction may also be due to work or hobbies that excessively strain the vocal organs.

A phoniatrician will examine what causes the dysfunction. The patient will be interviewed and perform some voice exercises, and then the larynx will be filmed via the mouth or the nose. Diagnostics may also include neurological examinations or acoustic examinations in a voice laboratory.

A suitable treatment and rehabilitation method will be planned based on the diagnosis. Patients often need help from a speech therapist. Many people who speak a lot in their work benefit from the use of a voice amplifier.