The first phoniatric outpatient clinic in Finland was opened in 1948. It was defined then that phoniatrics treats dysfunctions of voice, speech, and language. Currently, we also treat swallowing disorders and various symptoms of the larynx. We often work in multi-professional teams.

Voice dysfunctions may be due to an organic problem, such as infection or swelling in the vocal cords. Sometimes the underlying reason may be in poor voice technique. Moreover, sometimes the required tasks can be unreasonable for the voice.  

Speech and language dysfunctions usually occur in children: a child's speech and language may not develop at the same rate as other skills, for example. For some children, language difficulties lead to learning difficulties later in life. The Phoniatric Outpatient Clinic also treats dysfunctions in the flow of speed such as stammer. 

Current care guidelines state that minor dysfunctions are treated in primary health care. Difficult dysfunctions are treated at Phoniatric Outpatient Clinic where a referral is always required.

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