Oncology Ward 8

Visiting address 
Paciuksenkatu 3, Helsinki

Mailing address 
PO Box 180, 00029 HUS

Contact information
Nurses: 09 471 74288
Secretary: 09 471 73281
Fax: 09 471 74280
Head nurse: Pirjo Lönnfors
Physician in charge of the ward: Riikka Nevala
Visiting hours: 1.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

The ward has 20 beds. Concentrating on soft tissue sarcomas, neuroendocrine, prostate, and head and neck area cancers, Ward 8 implements oncological treatments for several different tumour groups. Forms of treatment include cytotoxic drug treatments, radiotherapy, and chemoradiotherapy, as well as radioisotope therapy (radiation is done in the ward). Supportive therapies, treatment of infections, pain, and therapy side effects are implemented in the ward, in addition to the terminal care of patients.