Psychiatric outpatient clinics

Consultation Outpatient Clinic, including the Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic of the Defence Forces is located at the Meilahti campus

Street address
Tukholmankatu 8F, Helsinki

Postal address
P.O. Box 442, FIN-00029 HUS


Cross-Cultural Psychiatry team, including the Outpatient Clinic for the Deaf

Neuropsychiatry Outpatient Clinic, including Developmental Disabilities Psychiatric Consultations and Neuromodulations: DBS, ECT and TMS

Working Capacity Evaluation Outpatient Clinic

Gender Identity Clinic are all located in Pasila

Street address
Maistraatinportti 2, 5th floor, Helsinki

Postal address
P.O. Box 250, FIN-00029 HUS

The specialized outpatient clinics are units concentrating on certain groups of clients. These units provide consultations and focused clinical evaluation periods. 

These so called tertiary psychiatric services are focused on evaluating and treating rare cases or cases that require specialized expertise. Therefore, it is not reasonable to produce these services as a part of regional psychiatric services.
The specialized outpatient clinics participate in the development, coordination and education for the services for client groups.

Nurse Manager Erja Tikka and Head of Department Katinka Tuisku 09 47175451
Electronic referrals
EDI referrals (electronic referral address): HYKS Psykiatria
Identifier: JOPSTA 2219
Paper referrals
HYKS Psykiatria / Matinkylän akuuttipsykiatrian poliklinikka
PL 803, 00029 HUS
fax: 09 471 81717



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