Strabismus Unit

Visiting address
Haartmaninkatu 1 D, 3rd floor, Helsinki
Post address
PL 222, 00029 HUS
Contact information
Office 09 471 75184
Fax 09 471 75187
Patient calls 09 471 75184, telephone hours
Mon-Thu 7.30-10 and 13-14
Fri 7.30-10
Nurse manager: Nina Stolt 
Physician in charge: Laura Lindberg 
Opening hours
The clinic is open on weekdays 7:30–15:30.
The Strabismus Unit treats patients of all ages from the HUS area, and difficult cases from all over the country. We also provide consultations. Physicians, orthoptists, and optometrists make up the treatment teams.
Strabismus means a condition where the eyes do not align with each other, and only one eye is focused correctly on an object the person is looking at. The other eye is aimed in, out, up, or down rather than towards the object. Strabismus can be constant, it can switch sides, or it can be visible only when closely examined.
When strabismus causes difficulties to see or to communicate, it usually can be treated. Treatment options are glasses, prism lenses, or surgery of the extraocular muscles.