Assistive devices granted by the Rehabilitation Clinic

Assistive devices for reading and near work:
Reading glasses
- Near vision glasses or binocular glasses for reading if the strength required is abnormal considering the patient’s age.
Absorption lenses
- Distance or near vision glasses with tinted filter lenses to prevent glare and improve contrast in indoor and outdoor use.
- Illuminated and non-illuminated magnifiers for magnifying text.
Reading stand
- An adjustable stand to improve the ergonomics of reading. Brings the text closer and makes it easier to use a magnifier. 
Electronic magnifiers
- Portable or desktop magnifying reading device for near work. Allows you to select the correct level of magnification and change the device’s contrast and colours. 
Braille writing device
- Mechanical writer for typing Braille
Assistive computer technology
-Utility programs installed on a computer facilitate its use through magnification or speech. Such utility programs include: voice programs, screen magnification software, screen magnification with speech support and screen reader software. Assistive technology products also includes scanners, text recognition programs and Braille displays.
Assistive mobility devices: 
White canes
- White canes and walking sticks improve mobility. 
Guide dog           
Assistive devices are granted to visually impaired people as medical rehabilitation on the basis of individual assessment.