Rehabilitation Clinic for Eye Diseases

Visiting address
Orton, Tenholantie 10 E, 1st floor, Helsinki
Post address
P.O. Box 224, 00029 HUS
Contact information
Office: 09 471 77892, calling time: Mon–Thu at 8.30–15, Fri at 8.30–13
Fax: 09 471 77899
Deputy Nurse Manager: Saara Nisonen
Physician In Charge: Erkki Karjalainen
Opening hours
Mon–Thu at 8–15, Fri at 8–13.30
People attending the clinic are visually impaired. The clinic offers rehabilitation to support the functional abilities and independent coping of visually impaired people.
Rehabilitative services provided include fitting and lending of visual assistive devices, training in the use of residual vision, mobility training, rehabilitation, social work and psychologist services.