Appointment fees price list

For each appointment you are charged the appointment fee €10.30 and the price of the most expensive procedure performed. If several procedures are performed, the cheaper procedures are free of charge. All treatment is free of charge for patients under the age of 18.

​Procedure, difficulty 0–2 (simple examination of the mouth, dental X-ray, simple removal of calculus) ​6,70 €​
​Procedure, difficulty 3–4 (basic examination of the mouth, panoramic dental X-ray, regular removal of calculus, filling on one surface of a tooth, root canal treatment of one canal, regular tooth extraction) ​15,00 €
​Procedure, difficulty 5–7 (extended examination of the mouth, extended removal of calculus, fillings on several surfaces of a tooth, root canal treatment of several canals, complicated tooth extraction) ​29,80 €
​Procedure, difficulty 8–10 (regular surgical tooth extraction) ​43,60 €
​Procedure, difficulty 11– (complicated surgical tooth extraction) ​61,20 €
Prosthesis (crowns, bridges, partial and complete dentures)
* Laboratory costs are billed separately
​145,70 €
Dentures with metal framework ​176,90 €