Spinal Cord Injury Center

The Spinal Cord Injury Center consists of the Ward for Demanding Rehabilitation and Spinal Cord Injury Outpatient Clinic.


Spinal Cord Injury Outpatient Clinic

Street address
Synapsia building
Nordenskiöldinkatu 18 B, 1st floor, 00250 Helsinki
Mon–Fri 8:00–16:00

Mailing address
PO Box 350, 00029 HUS

The Outpatient Clinic will be closed from 6.7. to 26.7.2020.
During this time, our secretary will be available from Mon to Fri 13:00-14:00, 09 471 71389
In treatment related matters, please contact the nurse of Vega Physiatry Outpatient Clinic, 09 471 71393 on Mon 9:00-10:00 or Thu 12:00-13:00


Contact information
By e-mail: fysiatria.selkaydinvammapoliklinikka@hus.fi

(Note! Only for cancelling appointments)

Fax: 09 471 71388

Secretary 09 471 71389, Mon–Thu 8:00–9:00 and 13:00–14:00, Fri 13:00–14:00
(Appointment booking and cancellations)

Rehabilitation instructor 050 342 4161, Mon–Thu 11:30–12:30
(Rehabilitation payment commitments, KELA rehabilitation, and rehabilitation counselling)

Social worker 050 436 0450, Mon 13:00–14:00 and Fri 10:00–11:00
(Social security, disability services, vocational rehabilitation)

Registered nurse 050 513 1862, Mon–Thu 12:00–13:00 (treatment related matters)

Electronic referrals: 
Physiatry Outpatient Clinic

HUS Spinal Cord Injury Outpatient Clinic is part of Physiatry Outpatient Clinic.
  It is one of three centers (HUS, TAYS, OYS) where tertiary level care, rehabilitation and lifetime care of people with spinal cord injury have been centralized to by government decree (336/2011). 

The outpatient clinic’s specific responsibility is lifetime care, which takes place after the acute stage treatment and immediate rehabilitation. The outpatient clinic also monitors patients with congenital spinal cord injury, or who have developed SCI due to an illness.

Diverse knowledge and co-operation for the best interest of the patient

Our activities are patient-orientated and multi-professional. Our team consists of a physiatrist, a registered nurse, a rehabilitation instructor, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist, and a social worker. Our experts co-operate with specialists from different fields to facilitate evaluations of functional capacity, mobility, health, psychological and social situations. Evaluating the need for medical and vocational rehabilitation, and the need for assistive devices are also included in our services. The outpatient clinic coordinates the treatment of spinal cord injury patients.

Ward for Demanding Rehabilitation

Street address
Synapsia building
Nordenskiöldinkatu 18 B, 2nd floor, 00250 Helsinki

Mailing address
PO Box 350, 00029 HUS

Contact information
Secretary 09 471 71229
Office 09 471 71230
Fax 09 471 71239

Visiting time daily from 2 pm to 7 pm.​

Our task at the Ward for Demanding Rehabilitation is the rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries following the acute stage. Patients come to us for further rehabilitation directly from our area’s primary unit, mainly from a trauma hospital, or from a similar unit in another hospital area. Our aim is to offer correctly timed, efficient, multi-professional, and multidisciplinary rehabilitation.

Our key principle is to provide multi-professional care required by demanding rehabilitation, and around-the-clock nursing promoting the patient’s functional capacity. Demanding rehabilitation emphasizes coping independently in activities of daily life, mobility, and better quality of life.