Prenatal Screening Unit on Bulevardi

A dedicated location opened for HUS's prenatal screening ultrasounds  in Helsinki on 5 June 2018. From that date onwards, prenatal screenings from the maternity clinics in Women’s Hospital and Jorvi Hospital are centered to downtown Helsinki on Bulevardi. Other maternity clinic operations still continue in Women’s Hospital and Jorvi Hospital.
Street address
Bulevardi 22 A, 4th floor, Helsinki
Registeration on the fourth floor.
There are paid parking spaces on the streets nearby. The nearest (paid) parking garage is Autopark Bulevardi. We recommend using public transportation.

Mailing address
PO Box 145, 00029 HUS

Contact information
Appointment booking and information for prenatal screening is available by telephone, tel. 040 575 2466 , from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00.
HUS has a digital Pregnancy Pathway service, which enables customers to book appointments for ultrasound screenings online. The service is available via the Omapolku service channel on the Terveyskylä website. Customers can choose at their maternity clinic visit which type of service, electronic or traditional, they wish to use. In the traditional service method, the customer receives a letter with the place and time of the appointment chosen by the screening unit.
Prenatal screening examinationsrenatal screening examinations
Every pregnant woman is entitled to two ultrasound examinations free of charge. Screening examinations are voluntary. Pregnant women will have two prenatal screening ultrasound examinations: early pregnancy ultrasound and a structural ultrasound scan. The first ultrasound is performed during gestational weeks 11+0 to 13+6, and the second is performed during gestational weeks 19 to 21. In regards to screening for chromosomal abnormalities, nuchal fold thickness measurement and a blood sample can be combined to the early pregnancy ultrasound scan. The ultrasound screenings are performed by a specially trained midwife.

The ultrasound scan appointment lasts 30 minutes. Please register for the screening examination appointment with the self-registration kiosk in the entrance lobby.
In some of the risk pregnancies the ultrasound screening examination is made by a specialist physician. In this case the appointment is subject to a fee. 
Let’s take care of the patients together 
You are not allowed to come to our clinic if you have symptoms of an infection or have been exposed to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Wash your hands carefully with soap and use hand disinfectant before or immediately after you enter the clinic.