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Medical Care

For the organization of specialized medical care, Finland is divided into 20 hospital districts. Five of them are university hospital districts. The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS Helsinki University Hospital) is the largest of these.

HUS serves patients by providing specialized medical care for the residents of its 24 member municipalities. The aim is to offer patients in all member municipalities a timely and equal access to specialized medical care.

HUS offers high-calibre specialist medical care in all of its hospitals throughout the province of Uusimaa. In addition, as the largest university hospital in Finland, Helsinki University Hospital is nationally responsible for treating severe and rare illnesses and ones calling for special expertise and technology.

All of the major medical specialties are represented at HUS: surgery, medicine, anesthesiology, phoniatrics, physiatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric and adolescents diseases, neurology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, imaging, laboratory specialties, psychiatry, oncology, dermatology and allergology, and venereal diseases and their sub-specialties. The best experts in a total of 49 specialties are employed in HUS hospitals.