Treatment options in HUS

HUS seeks to operate in a manner that ensures a high level of patient safety. The objective of patient safety is to provide treatment and a care environment that do not cause harm or put the patient at risk that is not part of the treatment provided.
The patient has an important role in promoting patient safety. Patients and their next of kin should always be included in endeavors that promote treatment safety.
Treatment waiting times and feedback

Actual treatment waiting times in HUS hospitals vary depending on specialty. The criteria for access to treatment are uniform throughout the country. The criteria was published by the National Institute for Health and Welfare.
HUS collects feedback in various ways, including via electronic feedback forms that specify the treatment unit, and free-form feedback forms. Mapping customer satisfaction is also under constant development.
Treatment is available for all illnesses in HUS, but several specialties can offer especially advanced and effective treatments. Units providing such treatments include:
Children and Adolescents


Gynecology and Obstetrics

  • The largest and most comprehensive center for gynecology and obstetrics in Finland
  • National special responsibility in fetomaternal medicine
  • Familiarity with infertility treatments for special groups


Head and Neck Center

  • Out of all ear, nose, and throat surgeries, 76% are ambulatory, which is a high percentage internationally and substantial at the national level
  • The Center has centralized ophthalmological expertise in all areas, especially in ophthalmological cancers and lamellar corneal transplantation
  • The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases is one the leading treatment centers when it comes to adapting stem cell research results in clinical work.



  • The Neurocenter’s neurosurgery department is the leading center for surgery of the cerebral arteries.
  • Results show that Neurocenter’s neurological department provides the most effective treatment for cerebral infarction in the world.


Heart and Lung Center

  • The leading national center for heart, lung, and esophageal diseases, national center for heart and lung transplantation
  • A pioneer in robot-assisted and video-assisted surgery in Europe
  • Offers services and special expertise nation-wide in several specialties


Cancer Center

  • The only center in Northern Europe with the Comprehensive Cancer Center status guaranteeing excellent treatment for patients
  • A national special responsibility for allogeneic stem cell transplantation
  • The largest treatment center for breast surgery in the Nordics


Orthopedic and Plastic Surgery

  • Among the leading centers in Europe in microsurgery: including reconstruction surgery following breast cancer
  • National pioneer in reconstruction surgery of the lymphatic system and treating lymphological issues
  • Internationally recognised center of excellence in pediatric plastic surgery (craniofacial surgery, treatment of cleft lip and palate)
  •  The largest center for back surgery in Finland: strong research base and experience support expertise in degenerative diseases, malpositions, treatment of nerve entrapment and post-traumatic back issues
  • Pioneer in surgical treatment of difficult injuries of the lower limbs, the sequela of these types of injuries, and other diseases of the lower limbs
  • Special expertise in hand surgery: surgical restoration for arm and hand function in tetraplegia, nerve damage reconstruction


Inflammation Center

  • The largest and most versatile center for allergy treatment in Finland
  • Finland's largest center for skin diseases treats difficult and rare skin diseases both in adults and children, and holds a separate treatment unit for cancers of the skin
  • Finland's largest center for treatment of difficult cases of inflammatory diseases
  • Finland's largest center for rheumatology, scleroderma, vasculitis, and special expertise in ultrasound usage


Abdominal Center

  • The leading center in Finland for endovascular aneurysm surgery, special expertise to treat the most demanding and complicated cases
  • Pioneer in treatment of liver tumors—treats patients from all around Finland
  • The largest center in Finland for robot-assisted urological surgery, the widest selection of robot-assisted surgical procedures available (prostate, kidney, bladder, and ureter surgeries)
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