Choose HUS for your health care needs

From early 2014 onwards, all Finnish residents have been able to choose their place of treatment freely. In specialized health care, the choice is made by discussing the matter with the referring physician. HUS Helsinki University Hospital, the largest hospital district in Finland, offers treatment in all medical specialties. HUS achieves top-quality treatment results—even when compared globally. No matter where in Finland you live, you are welcome to receive treatment at HUS. Read more about freedom of choice in health care at (in Finnish).

Discuss with your personal physician if HUS can offer treatment options for you. You decide where you want to be treated and your physician will refer you accordingly to the hospital of your choice. When you are referred for specialized health care, the costs will be directed to your home municipality.

HUS’s referral navigator service will assist the referring physician. The referral navigator (in Finnish) shows the physician all HUS outpatient clinics and finds the correct one based on three search qualifiers (elective or emergency referral, patient's home municipality, and medical specialty). The navigator will show both electronic and physical addresses to the outpatient clinic. If electronic referrals are not available for the physician, they can print the mailing address via the navigator.



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