Patients have free mobility in Finland

According to the Health Care Act (act 1326/2010) a resident of a Finnish municipality can freely choose their place of treatment for both primary and specialized health care. Further information about choosing a place of treatment in Finland is available online at -service (also in English).
Primary health care

According to the Health Care Act, you must give written notification both to your current health center in your municipality and your chosen new health center. Your choice will enter into force within three weeks at the latest. You can be a client of only one health center at a time. You are allowed to change your health center once per year. You cannot choose where you will be provided school and student health care, or long-term institutional care.

Specialized health care

You may seek specialized health care with a physician's referral. The patient may, together with the referring physician or dentist, choose the specialized medical care unit. This does not apply to private medical care providers. The cost of the medical care is paid by your home municipality. No payment commitment is required.
Freedom of choice does not apply to emergency medical care.