Neonatal care

​The majority of deliveries are problem-free and the newborn baby spends his or her first days rooming-in on the postnatal ward. The parents are guided through the treatment and breastfeeding of the baby in accordance with the needs of the family and baby. A pediatrician examines all babies before they are discharged.

However, approximately 10 per cent of newborns need treatment on the pediatric ward and three per cent require intensive care. All HUS maternity hospitals are prepared to treat newborns in situations in which the baby needs treatment by a pediatrician and/or inpatient care. All maternity hospitals have a neonatal ward, a pediatric ward or a monitoring unit where the newborn can be treated after birth. In addition, newborns are treated at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Women's Hospital and other wards of the New Children’s Hospital and Jorvi Hospital.

A newborn baby may need inpatient or intensive care due to prematurity, respiratory difficulties, infections, different malformations, problems during delivery or problems caused to the baby by the mother’s illness.

In addition to the monitoring of vital functions and nutritional state, neonatal care includes medication that is needed. In the wards, parents can take part in the treatment of their child and the nursing staff provides instructions in the treatment of the baby and ways to become acquainted with the newborn. Treatment times range from a few days to several weeks, sometimes even months.

In the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District, neonatal intensive care is centralized at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Saari at the Women's Hospital. Treatment combines technology with soft values. Babies are cared for as kindly and peacefully as possible and given quiet time to rest and grow. Parents take part in the care of their babies from the beginning. After the intensive care phase, the patients are transferred for further treatment to their local hospital.

Patient organization:

Kevyt – Association of Premature Babies' Parents


 Clinical units


Hyvinkää Hospital
Pediatric Inpatient Ward

Jorvi Hospital
Neonatal Ward L2

Lohja Hospital
Neonatal Observation Unit Vaava

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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Saari