Surgical treatment for children

Pediatric surgery


Surgeries for fractures, acute appendicitis and hernias are the  most numerous operations on children. Less common but more demanding operations include surgery for congenital craniofacial, cerebral, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and urogenital  anomalies, organ transplants, spine and limb deformities, and tumours. Pediatric surgery comprises approximately 500 different surgical procedures.

In pediatric surgery, the demand for emergency operations, and especially on intensive care services tends to vary. The incidence of severe congenital anomalies is erratic, and  very difficult  to predict on weekly basis. The incidence of fractures and other traumas is higher in late spring and fall.

Some pediatric surgeries such as hernia surgeries and endoscopic procedures are performed on day surgery basis.

In the HUS area, pediatric surgery is provided by the New Children's Hospital and Hyvinkää hospitals. In Finland, demanding pediatric surgeries including pediatric open heart surgery, organ transplants, some abdominal surgeries and most of the surgeries on skeletal dysplasia and facial and cranial abnormalities, are performed exclusively at the New Children's Hospital. 

Other surgical treatment for children

Children are treated surgically also in Töölö hospital: The Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Centre (Husuke) provides treatment for cleft lip and palate patients and The Department of Neurosurgery provides pediatric emergency services for neurosurgical patients. Elective pediatric neurosurgical operations are done in the New Children's Hospital. Children are treated surgically also in the Eye and Ear Hospital.