Medical care for children and adolescents

​The spectrum of childhood diseases, their causes and development, treatment and prognosis, differ significantly from adult diseases. In addition, taking note of the child/adolescent’s physical and mental development and growth is an important part of treatment decisions and treatment. Since the family plays a key role in the treatment of the child/adolescent, families are closely engaged in the hospital treatment of the child/adolescent.

The smallest patients treated in the pediatric unit weigh less than 500 grams, while the biggest ones are equal to adults in size. The Pediatric and Adolescent Units treat patients from newborns to 15-year-olds. Child Psychiatry treats children under 13, while the Adolescent Psychiatry Unit treats adolescents who are aged between 13 and 22. New patients are referred for treatment according to the aforementioned age limits, but in the case of patients already in treatment, a flexible approach is taken that caters for the treatment and the adolescent’s developmental situation.

At HUS, children and adolescents are treated in the

  • Pediatric,
  • Pediatric Neurology,
  • Child Psychiatry and
  • Adolescent Psychiatry Units.


In addition, the Eye and Ear Hospital, Skin and Allergy Hospital and Töölö Hospital have pediatric units.

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