Outpatient care

​The Child Psychiatry Outpatient Clinics offer specialist medical care. Patients require a referral from another health care provider. Visits to the clinic are free of charge to the patient and his/her family. Clinic personnel are required to respect patient confidentiality.

The child psychiatry outpatient clinics in HUCH-area evaluate and treat children aged 6-12. Children aged under 6 years are treated in psychiatric units for young children. In other Hospital Areas child psychiatric outpatient clinics treat children aged 0-12. Outpatient clinics evaluate and treat children who have emotional and/or behavioral problems that affect their functional ability, such as:

  • Severe behavioral disorder
  • Severe mood swings
  • Self-destructive behavior
  • Recurrent anxiety or fear
  • Severe interaction problems
  • Severe eating disorder


A care relationship with the clinic usually begins with an evaluation period, during which the staff hold meetings with the child on his/her own and with his/her parents.  The objective is to get a general idea of the child's problems and resources.

A treatment plan is prepared for the child together with the family. Treatment may include individual visits, family visits and/or group therapy. Cooperation with the parents is necessary to support the child’s mental well-being and functional ability. With parental consent, other adults playing an important role in the child's life (teacher, day care personnel) may be consulted.

The clinic has a multidisciplinary staff consisting of  a child psychiatrist, nurses, psychologists, social workers, and, in most clinics, a neuropsychologist and an occupational therapist.