Intensive outpatient care

​In child psychiatry, intensive outpatient care is a form of specialist medical care where close collaboration with the adults involved in the daily routines of the child (parents, other caregivers, day care personnel, teachers) is at the core of the provided therapy.
The intensive care is provided free of charge and is intended for children up to 13 years old who are experiencing difficulties in various fields of life and will, according to a child psychiatric assessment, benefit from outreach networking and family-centred practices.

What does intensive outpatient care involve?

  • A named team of two workers makes scheduled visits to the child's everyday environment: the home, day care center, school
  • Care for children placed outside the home may be provided in cooperation with the caregivers of the foster home/care facility
  • Visits take 1-2 hours at a time
  • Visiting frequency is to be discussed with the parents; visits may take place several times a week if necessary
  • Visits take place on weekdays, primarily between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Visits do not require any advance preparation on the family’s part
  • Intensive outpatient care is provided for a fixed term and it will end once the goals set for the programme have been met

Why intensive outpatient care?

  • This form of treatment is designed to support the child’s parents and other caregivers in finding ways to help the child
  • The programme requires a goal-oriented and systematic approach as well as full commitment of parents and other caregivers
  • Goals are set and achievement is assessed together with the family
  • If necessary, other support may be provided to the child and the family, such as a short inpatient stay at the pediatric psychiatry ward, child protection support services, or hospital school expertise

Who is in the care team?

  • Teams working at intensive outpatient care units include doctors, nurses and psychologists, and special workers may be consulted when necessary
  • At the beginning of a care period, a team is assigned featuring a responsible worker and his/her co-worker as well as the doctor responsible for the care

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