Examination period at the Forensic Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Center

The Forensic Psychology Center for Children and Adolescents operates only on the basis of requests made by the police. The Center is not involved in all sexual abuse cases investigated by the police; instead, the police can request assistance from the unit in cases requiring specialist expertise. An examination period at the Center is implemented in close cooperation with the police and child welfare services as soon as possible after suspicions have arisen. When suspecting that a minor has become a victim of a sexual or violent offence, the offence must be reported to the police and a child welfare notification made, before the examination period.
After the Forensic Psychology Center for Children and Adolescents has received the request for assistance, a working group will compile extensive background information on the matter and evaluate the suspicion impartially, taking into account all alternative explanations. The examinations will be tailored to each case and situation. Sometimes it is possible to issue an evaluation of or statement on the suspicion based on the background information. In more complex cases, the measures will be contemplated jointly by the authorities, often the child and/or parents will be interviewed, and an expert statement will be drawn up for the police.
To ensure the required care and support, the child/adolescent can be given a referral for further treatment. The personnel will always go through the conclusions of the examination period with child welfare workers and discuss the child's and family's need for further support. The child and family might also be in need of support in situations where suspicion of an offence remains unconfirmed.