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Wear a mask!

The year 2020 has radically changed the way to live one’s youth. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic it is not possible to see and explore things in the same way as before. And sometimes it feels unfair. Nightly hangouts or parties with friends cannot be replaced by Facetime.

Maskigäng-kampanjan kuvassa nuoret kasvomaski päässä.

We are used to hearing the age old mantra of living your young life to the fullest and enjoying all the carefree years and milestones of life like graduation or debutante ball. But now that it’s forbidden, what is there to do? During the spring public hangout places such as malls, parks and schoolyards became empty and we all had to stay inside.

To avoid experiencing this all all over again, we need to wear masks. 

The Cities of Espoo, Helsinki, and Vantaa and Omnia, HSL, HUS, and TYKS encourage all young people to wear a mask in public places because we agree with the thought that living youth remotely is impossible.

How to participate?

Shoot your own #maskigäng video! Write “maskigäng” into TikTok’s search field and check out how hanging out in public places is possible during the pandemic. Then, gather your mask wearing gang, and shoot your version of #maskigäng video in TikTok using the same sound effect.

You can also participate in Instagram by using a #maskigäng-gif in your story. Just write maskigang to the search field and add the gif to your story!

The following TikTok influencers are part of the campaign: Nuppu, Julia, AnnejaEllu, Jasir and Emilia.