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HUS provides influenza vaccines for patients and their families, COVID-19 vaccines also available in Meilahti

Influenza vaccinations are an important part of patient safety at HUS. We recommend that all our patients coming in for examinations or treatment get influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations.

For people in at-risk groups, it is important to take both vaccines because it is highly likely that both epidemics occur simultaneously.

The influenza vaccination points in HUS hospitals are open in November and December. COVID-19 vaccinations are administered only in Meilahti Hospital. 

The vaccinations are given without appointments. The first few days may be busy so please be prepared to wait. Alternatively, you can visit at a later date. 

Special attention is paid to the safety of the staff and the people getting their vaccines. You should only come in for the vaccine if you have no symptoms of a respiratory infection. Remember to keep a safe distance, maintain good hand hygiene, and wear a surgical face mask or a FFP2 mask. Masks are available at the vaccination points. 

The vaccination points are located in five HUS hospitals: Meilahti Hospital, Comprehensive Cancer Center, New Children's Hospital, Surgical Hospital, and Hyvinkää Hospital. Children are vaccinated only in some of the hospitals. Please see more detailed information via the link below. 

The vaccination point in Meilahti Hospital is open from October 31 through December 9, 2022 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

For more information on the at-risk groups, see THL's website via this link (in Finnish).