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TAK Outpatient Clinic, Matinkylä

  • adolescent psychiatry

Contact information

Visiting address

Matinkylä Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic
Puolikkotie 8

Postal address

P.O. Box 803
00029 HUS

The Matinkylä TAK Outpatient Clinic is an examination and evaluation unit for adolescent psychiatry.

For an examination and evaluation period with us, you will require a physician's referral. The examination period will begin within three weeks from the arrival of a referral. We will provide a treatment recommendation for you within six weeks.

During the examination period, we will determine your needs related to specialist medical care in adolescent psychiatric care or any other treatment. We will review your needs in cooperation with you and your parents/guardians and other partners. Any information you may have on your previous examinations (such as psychologist’s tests, studies on growth and development, or reports by child welfare) will help us in our assessment. Please bring any results from examinations conducted outside HUS with you on your first appointment with us.

We work with you and your family/guardians in complete confidentiality.
During your examination period, we can utilize our inpatient ward care or intensive outpatient care unit, if necessary.

Crisis care

Our crisis care is an urgent treatment intervention which requires a physician's referral. For example, patients that are acutely suicidal, have suspected psychosis / first-episode psychosis, and victims of crime can be directed to our crisis care at the TAK outpatient clinic.

Our focus in crisis care is in therapeutic exploration, and any required examinations will be carried out where possible. If we estimate that crisis care will last for a long time or we discover during the treatment that you have a need for longer-term care, we will refer you to the appropriate treatment unit. Crisis care consists of 1 to 15 appointments.