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Speech therapists, Assistive Equipment Center Tietoteekki

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At Tietoteekki, which operates in connection with the Assistive Equipment Center, we carry out assessments on the needed communication tools. In the assessment, we will survey, for example, the patient’s functional capacity in relation to the assistive equipment and the resources of friends and family in helping in the implementation of the assistive equipment.

Based on the assessment of the speech therapist during the appointment and the background information, we will hand over as a loan a communication tool suitable for the patient and also provide guidance on tool use for the patient’s friends and family. The Assistive Equipment Center also has the responsibility for the maintenance of the assistive equipment.

If necessary, we have a multiprofessional working group at our disposal (AAC instructor/interpreter for people with speech impairments, technical expert, occupational therapist). It is also possible to consult the physician in charge of rehabilitation. We serve both children and adults in the Uusimaa region.

Communication aids include simple voice devices, communication folders of different scopes, and IT assistive equipment solutions using different modes of use (e.g. eye control). The assessment can also survey the need for various switches or buttons, as well as various stands and other assistive tools for using the computer. As a rule, an occupational therapist at the Assistive Equipment Center is responsible for the assessment of the need for any environmental management equipment.

More information on the Tietoteekki operations and the procurement process of communication tools can be found here.

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