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Reproductive Medicine Unit

  • infertility treatments
  • donating sperm
  • donating eggs

Opening hours and contact information

Visiting address

Tilkan Viuhka
Mannerheimintie 164a

Postal address

P.O. Box 150
00029 HUS

Service hours

Mo–Fr 7:30–15:30

Phone numbers

Appointment booking

Service hours

Mo–Fr 7:00–11:30
We use a call-back service.

IVF nurse

Service hours

Mo–Fr 7:00–11:30
We use a call-back service.

Sperm and Egg Bank

Service hours

Mo–Fr 7:30–15:30

In the Reproductive Medicine Unit, we examine and treat disorders of female hormonal function, infertility, and gynecological problems of young women. We are also responsible for providing hormonal therapy for transgender people. Our unit also houses a sperm and IVF laboratory.

Tilkan Viuhka


Treatment at our unit requires a physician's referral.

We started infertility treatments with donated gametes in November 2019. We are looking for gamete donors for the treatments. 

When you arrive


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