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Poison Information Center

  • Poison Information Center

At the Poison Information Center, we respond by phone to questions concerning the prevention and treatment of acute cases of poisoning in humans. We are a nationwide service operating on a 24/7 basis, serving both ordinary citizens and health care professionals.

Look up information about poisonous substances

First aid instructions

Select an expert

Unfortunately, we do not have the expertise available to provide general advice on medications or foods, or on the treatment of illnesses or allergies. We also do not treat patients or identify toxins.​​​​​

In other cases, please select an expert in the list below:

  • Questions about medications not related to overdoses: pharmacies.
  • Questions about animals: your own vet or a vet on call.
  • Allergies, treatment of illnesses, and general health care advice: your local health care helpline, your local health center, or other emergency clinic.
  • Food poisoning: your local health center or other emergency clinic.
  • General information on foods: municipal food authorities.
  • Information on medications and other external factors with a harmful impact on fertility, fetuses, and newborn infants: Teratological information service.


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