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Päijät-Häme Radiation Therapy Unit

  • cancers

Opening hours and contact information

Visiting address

Päijät-Häme Radiation Therapy Unit
Keskussairaalankatu 7, K1 floor, wing V

Postal address

15850 Lahti

Service hours

Mo–Fr 12:00–14:00

Opening hours

Service hours

Mo–Fr 7:30–15:30

HUS Päijät-Häme Radiation Therapy Unit is part of the HUS Comprehensive Cancer Center and it is located in Lahti.

Our unit has two linear accelerators for use in external radiation therapy and a CT scanner. We mainly treat adult patients from the Päijät-Häme region. Patients are referred to radiation therapy after an evaluation by an oncologist.

In the Radiation Therapy Unit, we can provide 


In some cases of cancer, it is possible to improve the effect of radiation therapy by simultaneously administering cytotoxic drug treatment. The outpatient clinic for Cancer and Blood diseases, located in the Central Hospital of Päijät-Hämeen Hyvinvointikuntayhtymä (PHHYKY, well-being consortium), 2nd floor, k2, is responsible for implementing the cytotoxic drug treatment.

The planning of your radiation therapy at our clinic usually includes:

  • a physician’s appointment
  • manufacturing of an individual positioning mold device (depending on the treatment site)
  • a CT scan and planning of the radiation dose

We plan radiation therapy for each patient individually, and for this reason the number and duration of treatment times, the choice of the treatment machine, as well as other aspects vary from patient to patient. Your first radiation therapy session is usually scheduled approximately 1–2 weeks after your initial physician's appointment. A single session including preparations usually takes approximately 10–20 minutes. Radiation therapy cannot be felt or seen, and it will not harm the persons accompanying you.

Most of our treatments are are provided as outpatient care. The length of your treatment period varies from one treatment session to seven weeks of treatment. Breast and prostate cancers are the most common cancer types treated in our unit.