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Medical Helpline 116117

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Opening hours and contact information

Open 24 hours a day.

Call the Medical Helpline's toll-free number 116117 before seeking medical attention from the HUS emergency clinics. In an emergency, always call 112.

Päivystysavun puhelimeen vastaa sairaanhoitaja

We will guide you to the appropriate location for treatment and will advise you how urgently you need to seek treatment. If your condition can be treated with self-care, we will provide you with care instructions free of charge. The Medical Helpline is available on a 24/7 basis. Your local health center will help you during office hours. In non-urgent cases, please wait until your local health center is open.

In an urgent case, you can come directly to the emergency clinic if you cannot contact the Medical Helpline within a reasonable time or if you are unable to use a phone. If you have an emergency referral, you do not need to phone the Medical Helpline; you can come directly to the emergency clinic.

In life-threatening situations (chest pain, shortness of breath, unconsciousness, stroke symptoms, acute seizure), call the general emergency number 112.

The location of a caller phoning by the Medical Helpline is detected using regional location identification. If you call 116117 from a location that is close to the border of Uusimaa, it may be picked up by a base station in another hospital district and will not be connected to the Uusimaa Medical Helpline. If necessary, you can contact the Uusimaa Medical Helpline specifically by calling 09 471 72328 (local call charge). 

All calls to the Medical Helpline are recorded to ensure your legal protection and the quality of our service. The Medical Helpline service is provided to the residents of Helsinki by the City of Helsinki. In other areas of Uusimaa, the service provider is HUS.

We are continuously working to provide safe and high-quality service. As a result, Uusimaa Medical Helpline has been granted ISO 9001:2015 certification.