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Malla vehicle, mobile laboratory, South Karelia

  • ECG
  • ECG for customers under the age of 12
  • fungal culture tests


Mon 8:00–13:00
Imatra Mansikkala, K-Citymarket parking lot, Tietäjänkatu 2
Tue 8:00–13:00
Ylämaa, Ylämaa house courtyard, Koskentie 4
Wed 8:00–13:00
Imatra Vuoksenniska, K Supermarket Vuoksenniska, Torikatu 8
Thu 8:00–12:30
Lauritsala wellbeing center yard, Karjalantie 2
Fri 8:00–13:00
Imatra Vuoksenniska, K Supermarket Vuoksenniska, Torikatu 8
The Malla vehicle takes an abnormal route in the summer during the closures of wellbeing centers.


Contact information

Mon–Fri 7:00–18:00
Requests for callback, Mon–Fri from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Malla is a mobile laboratory that operates by appointment in the South Karelia region.

You can have your sampling done in the Malla laboratory vehicle. The mobile laboratory Malla serves in different parts of South Karelia.

The Malla vehicle provides standard laboratory services, such as 

  • blood tests,
  • electrocardiograms,
  • bacterial samples,
  • fungal samples,
  • receiving urine samples, and 
  • distributing sample containers and guidance in their use.

Please note that the Malla vehicle does not have the possibility to take quick tests, such as group A streptococcus in the throat.