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Jorvi Emergency Department

  • emergency services
  • health center emergency services
  • fractures

The Jorvi Emergency Department serves residents of Espoo, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi who are over 16 years of age. In urgent cases, we provide treatment regardless of a person’s domicile.

Opening hours

Should I go to the emergency department?

Before coming to the emergency clinic, call the Medical Helpline at 116 117.
If you already have a referral to the emergency clinic, you do not need to call the Medical Helpline.

Estimated duration of an emergency department visit

    At the hospital emergency clinic, we always assess the need and urgency for treatment first. Based on this, you will be referred to a nurse or physician. Patients are treated in the order of urgency, not in the order of arrival. Because of this, a patient who has arrived after you may be admitted for treatment before you.