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Iso Omena X-ray unit

  • Espoo
  • X-ray
  • X-ray examination

Opening hours

Mon–Thu 8:00–18:00
Fri 8:00–16:00
Iso Omena X-ray unit is open 13.6.2022-12.8.2022 Mon-Fri from 8:00-16:00.

Contact information

Visiting address

Iso Omena laboratory and X-ray unit
Suomenlahdentie 1

Iso Omena Service Centre, 3rd floor

Postal address

In the Iso Omena X-ray unit, we perform plain X-ray examinations without appointments. In the same facility, there is also a laboratory.

We perform plain X-ray examinations, i.e. bone, chest and dental imaging, without an appointment. You can come in for X-ray examinations when it best suits you. Register in the waiting room at the automated registration machine.

We conduct examinations for customers of HUS area health centers and hospitals.