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Diabetes and vascular occlusion clinic, Ruskeasuo

  • eye diseases
  • Ruskeasuo

Our Diabetes and Vascular Occlusion Outpatient Clinic for Eye Diseases is located on Tenholantie in Ruskeasuo. Our clinic is open on weekdays and by appointment only.

Ilmakuva Ortonin sairaalasta

If you have been diagnosed with macular changes caused by diabetes or a macular circulatory disorder in a physician’s examination or on the basis of macular photographic screening for diabetics, you may be directed to us for treatment on a referral from your physician. 

The diabetes and vascular occlusion clinic focuses on the treatment procedures for the above-mentioned eye diseases. If no treatment procedures are planned, further monitoring of the eye disease will be transferred to the outpatient sector, outsourced services, or photographic monitoring of the fundus of the eye. The photographic screening of the fundi of the eyes in diabetic patients is organized through the patient's local health center.

When arriving for your appointment, please bring your health insurance card, your latest eyeglass prescription or the lens power information for your current eyeglasses, a list of your current medication, or your prescriptions, especially for ophthalmic medication. It is a good idea to reserve several hours for your visit so that you’ll have enough time get the treatment you need.

Please note that eye drops that dilate your pupils are often used in the examination. These can temporarily impair your eyesight and cause glare. Because of this, you cannot drive a car on the day of your examination. Sunglasses should be worn on bright days.

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