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Cardiac Outpatient Clinic, HUS Postitalo

  • heart diseases
  • cardiology
  • coronary artery disease

Opening hours and contact information

Visiting address

HUS Postitalo
Elielinaukio 2 G

1st floor

Postal address

00100 Helsinki
Mon–Fri 9:00–10:00
Mon–Thu 9:00–11:00
Fri 9:00–10:00
The Cardiac Outpatient Clinic at Postitalo is closed 11.7-7.8.2022.

Our Cardiac Outpatient Clinic at Postitalo is part of the HUS Heart and Lung Center. In the outpatient clinic, we examine the most common heart diseases, such as coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, cardiac insufficiency, and arrhythmias.

We have high-quality ultrasound devices, equipment for clinical exercise testing, and skilled personnel. There is also a pacemaker outpatient clinic at Postitalo.  

Our outpatient clinic cooperates with the Heart and Lung Center's Outpatient Clinic at Meilahti Hospital. Cardiac diseases (e.g. heart transplantation, ventricular assist devices, adult patients with severe congenital heart defects) requiring demanding treatment have been centralized at Meilahti Hospital.

Treatment at the Cardiac Outpatient Clinic at Postitalo requires a physician's referral. Our outpatient clinic does not provide any emergency care.