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Hospital clowns

The goal of the hospital clowns is to support the wellbeing of families and improve the child’s patient experience through joy, play, and imagination.


Hospital clowns redirect the thoughts for a little while and create common moments of good mood in the middle of the hospital life.  

Hospital clowns tour around the New Children’s Hospital according to an agreed schedule. In the Surgery and Anesthesia Unit, hospital clown activities include clownery with a purpose to prepare the child and family for the procedures to be performed and to assist them in the exciting and possibly even distressing situation. 

Clowns visit children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers. Hospital clowns always work on the terms of the child and the family, and in cooperation with the hospital personnel.  

The hospital clown activities are based on an association founded in 2001. The activities are nationwide, and you can see hospital clowns in pediatric wards in all university hospitals and also in a few central hospitals. Hospital clowns are professionally performing artists who have also undergone training for working in a hospital environment. Hospital clowns have a confidentiality obligation and are trained in hospital hygiene policies. 

Hospital clowns


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