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Values and strategy

We at HUS are working together every day for the future of specialist medical care. We engage in groundbreaking university-level research and international collaboration. Our shared values – Caring, Equality and Pioneership – govern our actions. Our promise is to give better care, for every patient, every day.

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Our strategy

HUS strategy.

Our vision

A pioneer in health care

HUS is Finland’s largest operator in specialist medical care. Together with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Helsinki, we are by far the largest scientific operator and trainer of personnel in health care. This position gives us opportunities and also obliges us to solve the challenges encountered in health care and also to act as a pioneer. We want all Finns to be proud of us. 

Our strategic goals 

Our strategic goals guide the implementation of the strategy in practice. From our goals we also derive the objectives and indicators to be monitored annually. 

For 2020–2024, we have set five strategic goals: provision of measurably best care and service, the best community for learning, research and meaningful work, promoting health efficiently and effectively, responsibility for the common good, and customer-driven digital transformation. 

Our promise

Better care, for every patient, every day.

As Finland’s leading university hospital, it is not good enough for us to be good; we want to be the best, the pioneers of medical care. That’s why we want to improve every single day. We are making our promise to each of our patients and customers. The promise encourages us to learn new things and go to work – every day, every shift. 

Values guide our operations every day


The core of health and medical care lies in a genuine presence. We always care for our customers, colleagues and cooperation partners with appreciation and kindness. 


As Finland’s leading healthcare operator, we have the opportunity and the obligation to be a forerunner. Only by doing research and continuously developing can we ensure the high quality and effectiveness of care. 


At HUS, everyone gets comparable treatment based on medical needs. We treat our personnel and stakeholders equally and ensure equal availability of services regionally and linguistically.