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Values and strategy

Our values – Caring, Equality and Pioneership – govern our actions. Our promise is to provide better care for every patient, every day.



Our promise

Better care for every patient, every day

As a university hospital, it is not enough for us to keep the level of our services just good. To be the best, we need to improve every day. We are making our promise to each of our patients and customers. The promise makes our operations and services more concrete for the patient and the customer.

Our vision

HUS is Finland's largest operator in specialized medical care. Together with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Helsinki, we are by far the largest scientific operator and trainer of personnel in health care. This position gives us the opportunity and also obliges us to solve the challenges encountered in health care and also to act as a pioneer. We want all residents of Uusimaa to be proud of us. 

Our vision is to be a pioneer in health care.

Our values

The HUS values are Caring, Equality, and Pioneership.

Our strategic goals


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