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Laakso Joint Hospital

Together with the City of Helsinki, we are planning a new joint hospital in Laakso.

Laakson yhteissairaalan havainnekuva

Laakso Joint Hospital is a psychiatric and somatic hospital for our shared use, located in the Laakso hospital area owned by the City of Helsinki.

The joint hospital project is based on the 2030 hospital area vision for the Helsinki metropolitan area, which was updated under the leadership of the City of Helsinki in 2016. According to the vision, there will be four hospital areas in the Helsinki metropolitan area in the 2030s, where the majority of hospital services will be centralized: The Jorvi Hospital area in Espoo, the Peijas Hospital area in Vantaa, and the Malmi and Meilahti hospital areas in Helsinki. Laakso Joint Hospital will be a part of the Meilahti campus.  

Urgent project

Our project is urgent due to the poor condition and poor suitability of the existing and aged hospital buildings. Of the Helsinki city facilities, the joint hospital will replace the current somatic inpatient wards at Laakso Hospital, part of the activities of Suursuo Hospital, and the psychiatric activities of Aurora Hospital. In terms of HUS activities, the joint hospital will replace the facilities at the Psychiatry Center (formerly Hesperia Hospital) and the Kellokoski and Ohkola hospitals, aw well as the child psychiatric hospital care facilities.

Our plan includes psychiatric hospital wards and facilities for acute hospitalization and rehabilitation of elderly Helsinki residents, palliative care and hospice care, and demanding rehabilitation of HUS neurology.

Laakso Joint Hospital is a building complex consisting of new buildings and the hospital buildings remaining in the Laakso hospital area, which will be renovated and reconstructed. We are carrying out the construction project in several phases, the first of which is the planned new building for psychiatric inpatient activities in 2026. More detailed planning of the project phases will take place in 2020–2023. The project is planned to be implemented through a real estate company owned jointly by HUS and the City of Helsinki.



  • Location: Helsinki, Laakso
  • Construction time: in phased during the 2020s
  • The hospital's operations are to begin in: 2026 (first phase of the project)
  • Owners: City of Helsinki and HUS
  • Developer: Laakso Joint Hospital (LYS) Alliance
  • Lead designer: Laakson LATU
  • Main contractor: SRV
  • Overall scope: 190,000 brm²
  • Cost estimate: MEUR 838

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