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Future hospitals

In HUS's construction projects, we are proceeding in accordance with our long-term renovation and new construction program for hospital buildings.

In the current investment program for 2020–2023, we have reserved in excess of EUR 700 million for hospital construction and renovations. In addition, there are plans for construction projects with potential other funding schemes, such as the Laakso Joint Hospital to be built together with the City of Helsinki. Due to the difficult economic situation in 2020, we are prepared to revise the investment plans for the next few years so that the most crucial construction projects in terms of HUS strategy and operational continuity can be implemented in any case.

Our most significant hospital investment, which has already progressed to the implementation phase, is Bridge Hospital, which will be completed on the Meilahti campus in 2022 and will be replacing Töölö Hospital and part of the current Department of Oncology. Extensive renovation and restoration programs are also underway in the hospitals of Jorvi, Peijas and Hyvinkää in order to prepare for the modernization and expansion of the building stock.

Renovations renew the old building stock

Our real estate stock includes buildings completed in different eras, built according to the regulations and construction methods and the operational needs in force at the time. Today's specialist medical care sets new requirements on facilities, subject to even significant modifications.

We are reforming old premises during renovations, which will also help us fix their technical and other problems. In addition, we make hundreds of smaller renovation investments in HUS every year. They will allow us to extend the service life of the premises until more extensive renovation, because the renovation needed for the building and the relocation of hospital operations before the renovation often cannot be carried out quickly.

Our goal is to provide our personnel and customers with safe, healthy and functional facilities that comply with our operational requirements.



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