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Financial responsibility

With us, financial responsibility means, in particular, the responsible, ethical, and transparent use of tax funds.  

Joukko ihmisiä keskustelemassa pöydän ääressä. Kuvituskuva.

Our corporate responsibility program for 2021–2022 contains the following concrete measures for improving financial responsibility.

Improving procurement competence

Our goal is for all experts working with procurements to complete a video course on the subject.

This training is provided for three target groups: 
1.    clinical experts consulted as experts on competitive tenders
2.    employees who actually place orders for supplies, equipment or services
3.    middle managers and supervisors at HUS

The training videos will also be included in orientation training.

Improving supervisors’ contracting competence

The goal is that all supervisors and managers are familiar with the agreement guideline adopted by the Board and comply with it. We are providing this training as supervisor training sessions and through video training.

Implementation of the productivity program

The goal is for all our units to execute the HUS productivity program as planned in order to improve our productivity. This goal will help continuous improvement of our operations, as per our strategy. We aim to produce more with the same resources, or to maintain the current level of production with less resources.

You can also read about our responsibility work in our annual report at