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Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility extends throughout our activities. Caring for the environment is part of our responsibility for patients, personnel, and society at large. As a major player, we recognize the fact that our environmental actions have a major impact.

HUS Ympäristövastuu, nainen ulkoilee koiran kanssa, kuvituskuva

In our day-to-day operations, we have an impact on our environment for instance in waste sorting, energy conservation, responsible product and service procurement, improving the efficiency of facilities and processes, more environment-friendly construction, low-emission energy and fuels, and support for sustainable mobility to our personnel.

Our daily environmental efforts are governed by our environmental program for 2021–2024 and the extensive list of actions derived from that program. It is our goal to make HUS carbon neutral by 2030. To this end, we intend to prepare a climate roadmap during 2021.

Our corporate responsibility program for 2021–2022 contains the following concrete measures for improving environmental responsibility.

Increasing the number of remote appointments

Our goal is to have remote appointments accounting for at least 25% of all patient appointments at piloting units.

Promoting environmentally friendly commuting

We deploy various incentives to encourage environmentally friendly commuting and ensure that bicycle parking is available at the Meilahti Campus all year round.

Working to reduce food waste

We aim to reduce food waste in both personnel and patient catering by 30% during 2021. Means for achieving this include increasing patients’ meal choices, measuring the quantity of food waste at lunch canteens and providing training for HUS Asvia personnel on how to reduce food waste.

Carbon neutrality roadmap

In 2021, we will be describing and investigating the HUS carbon footprint, and we will draw up a roadmap to a carbon neutral HUS. We will begin putting the actions on the roadmap into practice in 2022.

The roadmap will include working towards the goals of the Energy Efficiency Agreement period 2017–2025, implementing energy efficiency and prudent resource management in construction and renovation, increasing our own renewable energy production and acquiring low-carbon energy.

You can read more about our corporate responsibility work in our annual report at